Toilets at Xuan Thao pre-school


Why was it initiated?

Xuan Thao is a kindergarten which takes care of ~150 children in the district. Their parents work full time and are unable to care for their children. It is supported by the community with little government assistance. A major health issue was a grossly inadequate toilet block. The Red Cross took us on several occasions to assess the situation and speak with staff

What were its aims? 

To build a toilet block complying with contemporary standards and suitable for small children

When did it run?


Who has been involved?

Red Cross Mr Bao
MESCH Narelle and John Cassey. Milton Sales 

What happened?

A quote of 4,900 AUD was given and work took place over 2 months. Serial photographs were supplied during construction and progress payments were handled by Mrs Dung (Dreams hotel)


Final price was only a little above the original quote and the resulting construction was of good quality, light, airy and completely appropriate to needs. This was our first and last project with Red Cross Vietnam as sole partner. Unfortunately, they are opaque and untrustworthy. When we sought to tender the job, our nominated builder was treated poorly and various indirect threats were made to him.  

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