Get involved


What our volunteers do, changes lives, values and communities

Our family of volunteers are all individuals contributing in whatever way they currently feel capable.
From office jobs to overseas projects, they are all indispensable.
We have no second class members and there are no minor roles! Those roles evolve, just as MESCH continues to do and we certainly have a role for you Never think you are locked into one thing or the time you have to contribute is too limited, ineffectual or inconsistent - there are plenty of short tasks to be done. In fact, becoming involved in that way is often a good opportunity to get to know each other.

You are needed and valued

People choose to volunteer for many reasons. Sometimes it's an opportunity for personal growth or a chance to be involved with a positive team and increase your skills portfolio Your involvement lifts both your own community and those people you touch. Certainly' reflection on your achievements will be a realisation that even if it is sometimes hard, you are doing good things and you are needed and valued

Our commitments to you

You are the expert in your role - there is no-one who will know how to do that better than you
If your task requires training, we will provide this - we will task clearly and train you well
We will support you and give you both authority and accountability in your role
We will not overpromise and will be realistic about resources
We are honest and transparent. We will tell you our failures as well as our wins and we will always answer your questions

Does this sound like the kind of change you want to be part of?

If so, please don't be shy! In our family of volunteers, there are lots of jobs in many different projects. What we know is that when you know us and we know you there will be change in our world. Your involvement lifts both your own community and those people you touch. We warmly welcome all volunteers.Come forward, join the MESCH family.
Please feel free to email