Create music CD (LDBA)


Why was it initiated?

Our long term association with Lam Dong Blind association (LDBA) had identified that the income stream for members fluctuates seasonally. Diversification was considered one way of evening this out. As considerable musical talent existed amongst several members, especially Mr Cuong, the prospect of creating a compilation of their music was raised. We had also identified community members within the village at Lang Biang mountain as having expertise in live music production. Discussions with both groups suggested that a “live” compilation involving both groups was likely to produce a marketable music CD.

What were its aims? 

To create a marketable music CD with profits to the individual artists
To establish and foster links between 2 musically talented groups in order to facilitate further projects

When did it run?


Who has been involved?

LDBA Cuong
Lang Biang Community Lena Vil 
MESCH John Cassey
Other multiple assistants from both groups

What happened?

It was elected to sell this both within Vietnam (to Vietnamese tourists visiting LDBA) and by MESCH through its’ website and contacts within Australia. A decision by the artist and assistants was made to produce a studio sound. MESCH argued strongly against this, suggesting that the major profits were going to come from western rather than Vietnamese buyers and that the live version would suit the artist’s voice better. 860AUD was given to the project and a CD comprising 6 tracks (25 mins) was produced. Although the artist was very pleased to have his own CD and the collaboration between the 2 groups worked well, the production was very different than what we had heard before from the artist. It was not considered marketable in Australia.


The project succeeded in establishing links between 2 disparate groups and made them aware of the listening market in Australia.
We had assumed that there was agreement about the final “sound” as sample tracks had been exchanged prior to production. However, trying to do this without being in-country to supervise was a mistake. In monetary terms, it was a small outlay with the potential for future collaboration.

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