LDBA welfare

Why was it initiated?

Our association with the LDBA began in 2009 as a mixture of welfare and development. At that time, 40 people were living in a small overcrowded house with a multitude of life threatening risks – eg uncovered 240V light switches. Teaching people conversational English whilst they were living in such condition seemed ill conceived.

What were its aims? 

To provide equipment relevant to the businesses of LDBA 

When did it run?


Who has been involved?

Lam Dong Blind Association    Mr Truong
MESCH Narelle Cassey (and a number of other MESCH volunteers and guests)

What happened?

Massage business- washing machines and lockers for customers’ valuables. 
English:  Braille books, personal cassette recorders to practice their English and book shelves
Music: Guitars for the musically talented members to use in their part time business as a band for parties


All equipment provided was good quality – some donated, some bought in Vietnam. It was used daily and helped both their immediate needs and their savings for a new residence (built in 2011)

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