Tablets for School -Android / Apple tablets for new primary school in Vanuatu 

Why was it initiated?

Re-purposing unwanted tablets for use as “readers” in a new primary school on North Pentecost Island, is part of a wider community development program MESCH has been running on this island for 4 years. Our major local initiative was to      
provide financial stability by way of a sewing business - making school uniforms and general clothing. 

Donated old books or school supplies are heavy, get tattered and supply is unreliable.

What are its aims?

We need 30 tablets, loaded with books and education apps for the children. To make this sustainable, they need to be in working order with a good battery life. We will take them to the community on your behalf 

When did it start?


Who has been involved?

MESCH Narelle Cassey 


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