Current projects

Current Projects



Children's Anaesthesia & Surgery (Ninh Thuan)

Reducing inequity in basic surgical and anaestehtci access in Ninh Thuan province

Aware of MESCH’s collaborations with Lam Dong Hospital, Dr Phien (director of Ninh Thuan District General Hospital - NTDGH) spoke with us in 2016 whilst we were in Da Lat.  We spoke about how basic surgery and anesthesia reduces death and disability from surgical diseases and birth defects; reduces economic and social disparity; and prevents adverse health outcomes arising from the burden of injuries and non-communicable diseases.  We committed to reducing the discrepancy in access for those in poor or rural areas and in the most vulnerable - infants and small children. The specific aim of this project was to assist in the upskilling of surgeons and anaesthetists

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Primary Trauma Care, Ninh Thuan

Teaching an approach and managment skills for severely injured people in resource poor environments.

The tragedy of road trauma in Vietnam is compounded by the lack of co-ordinated community or hospital based services to deal with the critical first few minutes after the accident - when doing simple things right really makes a difference. In 2018 MESCH singed an MOU with Dr Phien (director Ninh Thuan general hospital NTGH) to work with him to develop a trauma course appropriate for thier resource poor environment. We all agreed to maintain local Vietnamese ownership from the outset - building confidence that an acceptable standard of care could be achieved with a minimum of technology and training staff in the necessary skills and processes to do that.

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The RAGA SEWING business

A community clothing manufacture businsess, creating income and self-esteem

Raga is a sewing business that makes school uniforms and clothes on Nth Pentecost Island. This gives the community a local and less expensive solution to buying clothes. 
The business is providing employment for women, contributing to the education and skills of those directly involved in the project and, by example and training, to the wider community.
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Thanh Huyen

Supporting visually impired blind people to lead independent lives though stable and dignified employment.

Visually impaired people in Vietnam have limited employment opportunities, massage being one of them. This is the first time MESCH has been involved with individuals -Khiem and his wife, Huyen. We knew Khiem through Lam Dong Blind association. He and Huyen had a long journey to start this business in DaLat and a strong commitment to build Thanh Huyen as a successful business enterprise - both for their own children and for their visually impired employees. Beginning in April 2017, the project has taught massage skills, suggested marketing options, designed a logo and business cards and produced a commercial video.
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