Intensive Care (Ninh Thuan)

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Why was it initiated?

Despite Vietnam's early success in containing CoVid 19 infections, it suddenly and rapidly spread throughout major cities and, subsequently, to rural areas like Ninh Thuan province. With the permission of Dr Phien (director NTGH) MESCH contacted our previous partners in the Primary Trauma Course - Dr Thế (ICU) and Danh Nguyen (Director of Nursing) and asked if they needed any help. With the increasing numbers and high death toll, Dr Thế was keen to explore if other options existed and this was in line with Danh Nguyen's focus on improving outcomes from ventilation. 

What are its aims?

To provide validation, discuss general management options and assist in formulation of appropriate strategies for the management of people with CoVid infections admitted to intensive care Ninh Thuan General Hospital.

To open up pathways to discuss management of other intensive care related problems.

When did it start?

Sessions commenced in September 2021.​

Who has been involved?

NTGH - Dr Thế and other doctors from the intensive care unit NTGH

MESCH - Dr Michael Dobbie (Anaesthetist), Au Vu (Interpreter)and Cuong Vu (Interpreter)

Dr Ed Martinez (Intensivist John Hunter Hospital, Newcastle, Australia)

BS TheMichaelAuLavuEd Martinez


What’s happened? 

There were 3 sessions using the Zoom platform until the number of cases of CoVid19 in Ninh Thuan province escalated to a point where clinical staff were overwhelmed by the workload. 

The moratorium by Department of Health on acquiring various consumables meant that, even in intensive care, doctors have no access to respiratory and metabolic status monitoring. In view of that, Dr Thế put a temporary halt to the Zoom sessions with Dr Ed Martinez. When things open up again, he will re-establish contact. 


There has been, and will continue to be adjustments for variation in learning style and expectations. It was great to be able to validate existing management protocols and to discuss emerging options.
As details of care often influence outcomes more than more protocols, we look forward to building the relationship so that those things can be evaluated.
All Ninh Thuan doctors found the sessions very helpful as they were able to discuss both their own management and explore published literature   

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Michael Dobbie and John Cassey

28 December 2022