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MESCH Australian overseas aid

Our approach

We believe many current approaches to overseas aid are ineffective, inefficient and disrespectful to the people they want to help.

They can and must change.
MESCH invites you to be part of that change.

Effective, sustainable solutions come when you:
build relationships by active listening to committed local people
use this combined knowledge to create innovative solutions
have their backs until the project is completed

There are no ready-made solutions
It's what makes us different!


What we do

MESCH is an Australian charity working in developing countries

Changes are diverse, including medical, business and community projects

We are neither a religious nor political organisation

We are a registered charity with Australian tax-deductible gift status 

To learn more, see

our video 

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Our 3 commitments

Mesh with developing communities instead of imposing new systems

Work on projects based on education and training rather than providing services

Build communities rather than focus on one area 

For details of current and past projects...


Vietnam Vanuatu