About Us

MESCH is an Australian charity working to develop resilient communities in developing countries by sustainable aid.

9 years ago, in a Newcastle café, we asked ourselves 2 questions: “Why is overseas aid so ineffective?” and “Does it have to be that way?” The answers created MESCH, an organisation that breaks the mould and has produced sustained impact in developing communities in both Vietnam and Vanuatu.

There is no secret formula to this success. Effective, sustainable solutions come when you:

  • Actively listen to developing country partners
  • Use this combined knowledge to design innovative projects and then
  • Have their backs till the job is done.

It’s about respect, knowing what you’re doing and commitment

– 3 things we know you understand.

There are no ready-made solutions. It's what makes us different!

Does this this sound more like the kind of international action you want to be part of?

​We are a gazetted DFAT overseas aid organisation with deductible gift recipient status by the ATO. Neither a religious nor political organisation

We work on projects based on education and training rather than providing services - building communities rather than focus on one area. We believe many current approaches to overseas aid are ineffective, inefficient and disrespectful to the people they want to help. They can and must change. MESCH invites you to be part of that change. Being part of this new way of doing things makes your time, money and effort more effective. Over 90% of our funding goes directly on projects.

This is all about providing opportunities so that innovative ideas happen and happen in a sustainable way.

Get involved today!